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Future growth for large companies in an ever changing economy depends on the ability to innovate. Digital transformation lies at the heart of innovation. It is the catalyst that propels a business forward boosting productivity and profitability. Many large businesses today lack the internal structures to innovate nimbly and proactively. 

The Innovation Exchange helps by:

  • Providing a framework to support the innovation journey from ideation to procurement.
  • Helps clearly articulate your business challenge and identify the right solutions providers
  • Provides access to a readymade network of pre-screened solutions providers, making the supplier landscape more accessible and timely.
  • Exposure to a wide range companies that are innovating in different ways
  • Increasing your competitive advantage and speed to market

If you’re an established business looking to increase your competitive advantage by innovating faster and more successfully in collaboration with SMEs we’d love to hear from you.



Learn How The Innovation Exchange Works 

Watch Brian Leahy, Digital Incubation Hub Manager, Glanbia  and Majella Murphy, Consultant with Furthr tell us why The Innovation Exchange helps accelerate digital transformation for large corporates.


How The Innovation Exchange has worked for Glanbia

“ The Innovation Exchange has been hugely positive for Glanbia, bringing value with every step of the process. It has given us exposure to lots of different companies, innovating in lots of different ways that can help Glanbia accelerate at speed.”

How The Innovation Exchange has worked for Glanbia

Brian Leahy

Incubation Hub Manager,

Why Corporates should get involved

Majella Murphy

Business Consultant,


Why Corporates should get involved

Established businesses today are facing disruption, fierce competition and a battle for scare resources and talent. Constant innovation is the only way to tackle these challenges head on.  The Innovation Exchange is very timely in that it promotes and facilitates corporate innovation in a unique way. It provides a framework that enables an understanding of the innovation journey from ideation to procurement.

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