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How Skillnet Innovation Exchange works

Skillnet Innovation Exchange has developed a marketplace for innovation – a dynamic ecosystem where both large businesses and scaling technology solutions providers can accelerate their growth. A place where businesses facing digital transformation challenges are connected with innovative companies that can fast-track the solutions.

From challenge to deal in six steps

“We went from pitch to paid pilot in six weeks thanks to Skillnet Innovation Exchange!”

So much more than a deal

The benefits for scaling companies extend way beyond signing a contract. By building the right capabilities and engaging with prospective customers via Skillnet Innovation Exchange, scaling companies can gather valuable industry insights, market intelligence and direct feedback, benefiting product development and sales and marketing strategy.

Something for everyone!

Large corporates get access to Ireland’s most talented solutions providers and to collaborations that accelerate digital transformation.
Scaling technology companies get an instant sales pipeline as well as access to key decision makers, market intelligence and the capability to sell into large corporates.

Do you have an innovation challenge?

If you’re an established business looking
to increase your competitive advantage by innovating
faster and more successfully in collaboration with SMEs.

Are you a technology innovator?

We’re currently recruiting SMEs with a
proven ability to deliver innovative
technology and business solutions.

Why Skillnet Innovation Exchange

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How Skillnet Innovation Exchange works

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Skillnet Innovation Exchange was launched by Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science, Simon Harris T.D. in February 2022. He, with Skillnet Ireland, announced a €5 million investment in Skillnet Innovation Exchange to address the barriers that exist for SMEs engaging with large multinational organisations. The investment will support over 1,000 companies between 2022-2025.