How It Works

The Innovation Exchange finds solutions to industry’s digital transformation challenges and accelerates corporate innovation adoption. In doing so it creates business opportunities for scaling SMEs in Ireland.

It does this by connecting businesses facing innovation challenges with ambitious SMEs that can fast-track the solutions. The Innovation Exchange facilitates a structured and managed process to connect innovators and innovation seekers, creating opportunities for business development and commercial success for both parties.

What’s in it for SMEs 

The Innovation Exchange offers innovative SMEs, start-ups and scale-ups the opportunity to build your sales pipeline by pitching directly to large businesses looking for digital transformation solutions.


Key benefits

1. Understand the innovation challenges facing industry
2. Pitch your solution to corporate buyers (15+ pitch prospects in 2022)
3. Mentoring and tailor-made training for SMEs selling to large corporates
4. Feedback from prospective customers
5. Access to an innovation ecosystem

What’s in it for Large Businesses

The Innovation Exchange offers faster and more successful innovation, leading to competitive advantage and accelerated growth.


Key benefits

1. A framework to support the innovation journey
2. Access to a network of pre-screened solutions providers
3. A managed process for collaboration with potential solutions providers

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Framework For Collaboration

The Innovation Exchange offers a framework to facilitate collaboration between corporates and SMEs. At its core, it enables participants to develop understanding and capability around corporate innovation, from ideation and talent development to procurement and adoption.

 The Innovation Exchange Working For You

Businesses seeking innovation

Define your challenge
Meet prospective innovation partners
Be inspired by new thinking
Innovation adoption

SMEs with innovative solutions

Respond to a call-for-solutions
Boost your capability
Impress prospective customers
Sign the deal

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How it works

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