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Access to customers

Skillnet Innovation Exchange is where ambitious solutions providers are connected with large businesses that are looking for digital transformation solutions. It’s a readymade sales pipeline!

Big benefits for solutions providers

Skillnet Innovation Exchange offers, not just a qualified sales pipeline, but a whole host of other benefits including market intelligence, access to decision makers and the capability to sell into multinationals.

So much more than a deal

The benefits for scaling companies extend way beyond signing a contract.
By building the right capabilities and engaging with prospective customers via Skillnet Innovation Exchange, scaling companies can gather valuable
industry insights, market intelligence and direct feedback, benefiting product development and sales and marketing strategy.

As well as a front row seat to all challenges, members get access to our
tailor-made Impact Selling upskilling platform, Members’ Hub, networking
events, one-to-one pitch preparation and feedback.

Our corporate members are looking to collaborate with innovative solutions providers

What our members say

Watching: Sticky Video
Patrick Liddy | Utility AR
Watching: Sticky Video
Matt McCann | Access Earth
Watching: Sticky Video
PJ Maguire | Showoff

If your business is helping big business to realise their digital transformation ambitions,

then you need to be part of Skillnet Innovation Exchange.