Digital for Sport_

Supporting the digital transformation of sport in Ireland

Sport Ireland and Skillnet Innovation Exchange have come together to support sports organisations that wish to drive efficiencies and enhance performance by harnessing the power of digital technology.

Digital for Sport will help sports organisations to identify and implement digital solutions that will allow them streamline administrative processes, optimise data management and communications and improve the understanding of participant and
athlete performance and experience.

The initiative will connect Sport Ireland National Governing Bodies and Local Sports Partnerships with local solutions providers that have the digital expertise to help identify and implement the right solutions.

It will accelerate and de-risk the process for sports bodies, giving them access to tested solutions and to the support of Sport Ireland and Skillnet Innovation Exchange throughout the process.

A collaboration between Sport Ireland and
Skillnet Innovation Exchange

The Skillnet Innovation Exchange Model

Skillnet Innovation Exchange has been running now for two years and over 600 companies have engaged with the programme in that time. It is effectively a marketplace for innovation – where organisations facing digital transformation challenges are connected to SMEs that can fast-track the solutions.

The model is simple. A challenge is published and shared with Skillet Innovation Exchange members. This is done via a one-hour zoom call where an expertly moderated session will clarify the challenge and facilitate questions from solutions providers.

Members with a relevant solution will submit a written proposal which is assessed by Skillnet Innovation Exchange. Proposals meeting agreed criteria will be discussed with the sporting organisation who selects the solutions providers they’d like to hear

Solutions providers that are successful will go on to have a deeper engagement with the sporting organisation, hopefully leading to a collaboration to design/implement their solution.

Get involved!

If you are a Sport Ireland National Governing Body or Local Sport Partnership, please register here and we will in touch to understand how we can help.

We would love to have a conversation with you about how Digital for Sport can work for you. Please register to join us for the Digital for Sport Webinar on Thursday 14th December at 10 am to learn more.

If you are an SME with digital solutions that are relevant for sporting organisations, join Skillnet Innovation Exchange today.

How The Innovation Exchange works

The Innovation Exchange has developed a marketplace for innovation – a dynamic ecosystem where both large businesses and scaling technology solutions providers can accelerate their growth. A place where businesses facing digital transformation challenges are connected with innovative companies that can fast-track the solutions.

From challenge to deal in six steps