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Access to customers

The Innovation Exchange offers technology scale-ups the opportunity to pitch to large
corporates looking for digital transformation solutions. It’s a readymade sales pipeline!

Big benefits for solutions providers |

The Innovation Exchange offers, not just a qualified sales pipeline, but a whole host of other benefits including
market intelligence, access to decision makers and the capability to sell into multinationals.

What you get-

Be part of The Innovation Exchange

If you are in the business of developing digital transformation solutions, and if you are looking to grow your sales pipeline, then The Innovation Exchange is for you.

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Our corporate partners are looking to collaborate with
innovative solutions providers

Why SMEs 
should get involved

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How The Innovation Exchange
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Working with
220+ innovative solutions providers

I strongly encourage indigenous SMEs to consider The Innovation Exchange as a great opportunity to collaborate with leading multinationals. The potential benefits for scaling companies extend way beyond signing a contract. By building the right capabilities, firms can access a qualified sales pipeline and get face time with prospective customers.”

Mark Jordan, Chief Strategy Officer, Skillnet Ireland